Lola & Laser Llama Boss Mama

I was just a girl with a lot of yarn, running a small crochet business and wanting different tags for all of my projects and buttons to match! Now I'm a girl with lots of faux leather, acrylic, and barely anytime to crochet :)

After a LOT of deliberating, in August of 2020, I decided I wanted to try my hand at laser engraving. I'd always loved designing new things and I wanted to design my own tags. I thought if I could design some tags for myself and then do a few on the side to help pay for the equipment, I'd be good. I'd keep crocheting up a storm and have any tags or buttons I wanted. It quickly snowballed into this wonderful business of Laser Llama Boutique.

I feel grateful every day for the opportunity to design and create tags with all of you incredibly crafty people! I love seeing your new ideas and I love coming up with new fun ones for all of you as well!

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