As the cozy embrace of autumn approaches, it's time to bring out your crochet hooks and create some delightful seasonal amigurumi. If you're looking for a quick and charming project that adds a touch of magic to your Fall Markets or makes a heartfelt gift for your loved ones, look no further! Introducing the adorable "Gumdrop Ghosts Kissing Keychain" amigurumi crochet pattern – a set of ghosts that magnetically kiss, filled with whimsy and charm. In this blog post, we'll explore the joy of crafting these little cuties and the endless possibilities they offer for adding a touch of sweetness to your fall season.

The Pattern

The "Kissing Ghosts" crochet pattern is designed to be both simple and enchanting. With the help of a magnet hidden inside each ghost, they can be joined in a tender kiss, creating an endearing display of affection. Whether you're an experienced crocheter or a beginner looking for a fun challenge, you can whip up a set of these charming ghosts in under an hour.

To get started, head over to for the free pattern. The pattern features step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to ensure your amigurumi turns out just right. If you prefer to have your own downloadable PDF, you can find it conveniently at or on Ravelry.

Convenience with Patches

To make your crocheting experience even more enjoyable, consider using the 8-pack of patches available in the Laser Llama Boutique shop. These patches crochet directly into your project, eliminating the need for additional sewing or stitching. The patches not only save time but also add an extra touch of cuteness to your finished ghosts.  The adorable patches proclaim, "Boo, I Love You-even when you can't see me!"

Versatile Gifting Options

The "Kissing Ghosts" amigurumi set is not just perfect for Fall Markets; it also makes an excellent gift to show your affection to your significant other or your love for the children in your life. Craft a set for your partner, attaching a heartfelt note to make the gesture even more special. For the little ones, consider adding a fun clip so they can attach the ghosts to their backpacks when they head back to school. BFF's are always near to your heart even when they are far away, remind them how much you care with one of these!  These whimsical creatures are sure to bring smiles and warmth wherever they go.

Spookify your Space

As Halloween approaches, embrace the spooky spirit by incorporating these adorable ghosts into your home décor. Create a spirited garland by making several "Kissing Ghosts" in Halloween-themed colors. Add some Halloween-colored felt poms for extra flair and hang the garland across your fireplace mantel or along the wall. Your handmade garland will be the talk of the town and a wonderful addition to any Halloween party.


The "Kissing Ghosts" amigurumi crochet pattern is a delightful project that combines the joy of crafting with the magic of magnets. With the easy-to-follow pattern available for free and the option to enhance your project with the 8-pack of patches, creating these lovable ghosts has never been more enjoyable. Whether you want to add some charm to your Fall Markets, express your affection to loved ones, or create spooky decorations for Halloween, these adorable ghosts are the perfect choice.

Head over to to get the free pattern and start crocheting your own set of "Kissing Ghosts" today. Let your creativity run wild, and spread the warmth and magic of the fall season with these cute and cuddly amigurumi ghosts. Happy crocheting!